The Heritage Group

Making Connections, Building a Future Together

For over 85 years, The Heritage Group has led through innovation, collaboration, and discovery, and that legacy continues today—all across the globe. Solid Light shaped The Heritage Group story to create a homeplace that welcomes employees, partners, and visitors to showcase the exponential power of THG conglomeration of companies working together to solve problems for their customers. It highlights the interconnectedness of the company, its innovative work in the lab, and the employees who are at the core of the company’s success.

Project Details


The Heritage Group


Indianapolis, Indiana


6,700 square feet



Deeply rooted in the generations of family values of hard work, integrity, honesty, and fair business dealings that inspired the company’s founding so long ago and driven by today’s need for quality service and effective problem-solving, The Heritage Group commands a key role in the ever-expanding effort to spot the hidden potential inside each challenge to make the world a better place.