Sagamore Spirit

Maryland’s distilling pioneer

The vision of Sagamore Development, owned by Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank: create an exceptional visitor experience at the Sagamore Spirit Distillery for the new premium whiskey Sagamore Rye and reestablish Maryland as a distilling leader and pioneer.

We immersed ourselves in the culture of the Sagamore developers, Under Armour, and the history of Baltimore and Maryland. We became an extension of their team and assisted in the creation of their brand identity, leading the distillery visitor experience design to take the project from renderings to the fabrication and installation of each design element. We researched what distilling in Maryland looked and felt like in its heyday and used those findings to create interpretive graphics and interactive media elements, including a digital map of Maryland and Baltimore distilling throughout history. Tasting rooms and even retail were designed to express brand story and quality. 

The result? A dynamic distillery experience that creates a cohesive expression of Sagamore Spirit and what it means to be authentically Maryland. Visitors leave not only having tasted exceptional rye whiskey but also having gained a deep understanding of the history of Baltimore and Maryland’s distilling tradition.

Project Details


Sagamore Spirit Distillery


Baltimore, Maryland


22,000 square feet