eternal gandhi museum houston

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The goal of Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston is to create a place where people of diverse backgrounds can come together and learn the stories of leaders who were committed to making profound social change through peaceful means. Their stories, in concert with experiential learning, dialogue, and the practical application of nonviolent conflict resolution and mediation, will propagate the message of peace and demonstrate the power of peaceful resistance to right social injustices and inequities. 

Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston will be the first of its kind in North America focusing on Gandhi’s story to address complex social issues—violence, discrimination, social inequity, and racial injustice—by studying and applying the teachings of the world’s greatest peace advocates, beginning with the great peace leader, Mahatma Gandhi. The museum will be a multi‐cultural hub for people of all ages. 

Project Details


Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston


Houston, Texas


 12,800 square feet



Visitors will explore three interactive galleries. The first will focus on Gandhi’s life journey highlighting the foundational moments of his life that built his philosophies and propelled him to create change. The second gallery spotlights peace leaders across the globe who have made a difference through non-violent resistance, and an immersive theater shares how these leaders were influenced by Gandhi’s powerful teaching and leadership. The third gallery invites visitors to consider how the principal of peaceful changemaking might be embraced in their own lives and to digitally record their ideas. Throughout the experience, highly interactive and immersive media storytelling allows visitors to engage more deeply with the story. The Telly Award winning Orientation Film is featured in the “A Force More Powerful Theater” and includes dynamic firsthand content, engaging personal stories, and an unique immersive theater experience. 

Solid Light collaborated with the client, educators, and international scholars to provide a truly relevant and global view of these important stories and principles.