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Stories of farming innovation

AgriCulturechallenges the narrative of sustainability while exploring how food, fuel, and fiber are received from the farm and the processes they follow throughout society. Visitors learn firsthand about modern farming and the global and local impact of agriculture.

Working closely with Discovery Park of America, Solid Light transformed the 8,900-square-foot Simmons Bank Ag Center into an engaging and relevant farming experience. The exhibit tackles the issue of misinformation and separates fact from fiction. Using a modern design approach that immediately reframes the narrative, the space provides a guest experience focused on technology, science, and genetic innovation and the role agriculture plays in our everyday lives.

AgriCulture: Innovating for Our Survival takes the visitor through the arc of the farming story with a focus on specific agricultural innovations and farming artifacts by comparing antiquated farming techniques and new technological innovations over time. Interactive designs, state-of-the-art media, and visually-appealing agricultural graphics are displayed throughout the exhibit to effortlessly explain the evolution of complex systems. Leveraging the diverse faces and stories of today’s farmers, the exhibit transforms visitors’ understanding of contemporary farming. Elements like drones and smart tools are integrated into the design, creating a relevant connection to today’s technology.

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Discovery Park of America


Union City, Tennessee


8,900 square feet