The Founding of Solid Light

Learn about the founding and growth of Solid Light from Owner and CEO Cynthia Torp.

Video Transcript:


I’m Cynthia Torp, and 25 years ago, I founded Solid Light. I am the owner and the CEO today, and I’m very excited about the future.

I actually started the company in my attic. Clients would actually climb two very long sets of stairs to get up to our office. As I began to add staff as we began to do more and more projects, we expanded into a bigger building and then we bought another building and now we’re in a 55 ,000 square foot building where all of our team can work together: design and multimedia and fabrication all here under one roof.

I started the company because I really wanted to make a difference. I was in the advertising and promotion field and while I enjoyed that work it just didn’t really fill my soul. I want to use the gifts I’ve been given to do something that really helps, really makes a difference in our world.