Zoë Slaughter

Research & Assets Coordinator

Zoe is a lifelong learner. Through her role as Research & Assets Coordinator, there is constantly something new to learn for each project. She is exposed to a variety of information she likely never would’ve known and is able to take a deep dive into what it is, where it came from, and how it can be integrated into a project.

Zoe joined Solid Light because of her passion for museums. Her past professional and volunteer experience as a docent at the Filson Historical Society made her a perfect fit. With a mix of experience in content marketing, search engine optimization, book publishing acquisitions, museum operations, research, and an emphasis on relationship building, she has a diverse professional background.

Outside of the office, Zoe is passionate about making an impact in her local community. She is on the Associate Board at Louisville’s Coalition for the Homeless and paints pet portraits for the Kentucky Humane Society. She is currently working on writing a nonfiction book related to food allergy awareness—hoping to spread awareness and shape future policy.

Areas of Expertise
Content Marketing

Spalding University

Community Involvement
Louisville’s Coalition for the Homeless
Filson Historical Society