Raegan Maddox

Senior 3D Artist

Raegan loves to push the boundaries of what’s possible and thrives on finding solutions to complex challenges. Using his innate artistic talents, Raegan hand sketches the previously abstract in order to drive clarity and foster communication. Once aligned, he then turns those 2D concepts into photo-realistic 3D environments.

An independent spirit with exceptional attention to detail, Raegan draws from a variety of experience to inform his craft, including prior work in scenic design, carpentry, mechanical engineering, and his self-taught mastery of 3D rendering and modeling techniques across multiple software platforms.

Raegan’s role as Senior 3D Artist includes working with project teams to produce expert design visualizations and fabrication drawings that clearly communicate the project prior to prototyping and production.

Areas of Expertise
CG Animation & Simulation
3D Environmental Design
3D Concept Design
Digital Painting
Texturing & Sculpting

University of Louisville