Piper Robbins

Graphic Production Specialist

Piper brings her trained eye, intuition, and unique personal experiences to creating high-quality work with the Solid Light team. Her professional background is rooted in visual arts, with a BFA in Photography and an MDes in Graphic Design.

Her graduate thesis focused on using graphic design to help aid in addressing the backlog of missing and unidentified persons in the United States. Outside of the office, she continues to work in the spirit of her thesis by doing pro-bono portrait reconstructions for unidentified marginalized women. Piper specialized in traditional analog photography and printing practices in undergrad, along with large-format digital printing and retouching.

Before joining Solid Light, Piper owned businesses in Chicago, taught undergrad as an adjunct professor, and developed workshop programs in New York City and Chicago. Along with freelancing as a photographer, photo-retoucher, and designer in a variety of industries.

She is proud to be working with a creative team that shares the same values and goals to create high-quality work that makes a difference in how people see and experience the world.

Areas of Expertise
Graphic Design
Art Direction

University of Illinois at Chicago
Basel School of Design
Academy of Art University