Mark Sargent

Executive Director of Client Development

A creative problem solver with more than 20 years of experience cultivating strategic relationships in customer-focused, design-centric industries, Mark brings a wealth of expertise and a unique perspective to each business opportunity. His consultative approach focuses on understanding client needs and priorities to help meet their goals and drive their brand.

Mark’s early design career in Los Angeles for theme park entertainment and toy/game companies, aid his understanding of the creative process necessary to successfully tell stories in three-dimensional space, as well as the material elements required to execute an inspired vision. His varied work experience also includes consumer packaging for Fortune 500 clients, B2C and B2B marketing, and leadership of a retail design studio in Cincinnati.

As Solid Light’s Executive Director of Client Development, Mark works to ensure communication is clear and objectives are aligned so that projects are successful, furthering the development of client’s business.

Areas of Expertise
Business Development
Account Service
Consumer Engagement Strategy
Preliminary Budget Assessment

ArtCenter College of Design