Headshot of Carolina Larrosa

Carolina Larrosa

Digital Designer

Carolina brings a unique toolbox of skills to her work as a Digital Designer for Solid Light.

Lucky to be immersed in Montreal’s prominent media arts community during her time at Concordia University, Carolina received her BFA in Intermedia with many successful projects under her belt. Her media arts practice is experimental and nimble, and over time Carolina has developed a skillful understanding of design media, electronics, and video production. Her dedicated involvement in some of Montreal’s leading artist-run centers, such as Ada X, gave Carolina the gift of mentorship from masters in media arts and cultural work. Their support helped her mature into an agile writer, generous collaborator, and visionary thinker.

At Solid Light, Carolina leverages her creative background to develop engaging interactive media concepts and designs. The dynamic situations she’s able to design for and the brilliant collaborators on her team inspire her to grow with each project.

Areas of Expertise
Electronic Arts
Video Production
Cultural Work

Concordia University

Community Involvement
Celine Bureau, Policy Committee Member
Articule, Montreal Programming Committee Member