Brian Hatton

Project Manager

As an experienced project manager, with a special emphasis in the technology sector, Brian is an expert at creating order out of chaos. With 20+ years of project management experience, Brian brings a masterful blend of art and science to your project. With a unique blend of big-picture thinking and relentless attention to detail he successfully managed complex technology-centric project deliverables for everything from wide-scale military base software upgrades to large corporate firm projects; for nearly a decade he managed A/V technology and IT across a 184-acre campus as part of the Chickasaw Cultural Center and Museum.

Brian is a collaborative leader, fosters an inclusive environment, and is committed to creating lasting value for your organization. With expertise managing broad and diverse teams, overseeing technical projects, and finding innovative solutions, Brian doesn’t wait for the next big break-through, he leads it.

Areas of Expertise
Project Management
Process Improvement

Bellarmine University