Ben Jett

Creative Director

Ben’s commitment to exceptional design epitomizes our approach to each client’s needs and after almost 20 years, has become a vital component of our process and our culture. Keenly adept at understanding the tenets of great design, Ben applies his high standard of excellence and passion for authentic storytelling to ensure success.

His design contributions have garnered numerous awards and his innate curiosity and passion for unconventional solutions drives creativity and collaboration within Solid Light, empowering the team to create compelling branded environments and immersive experiences that deeply resonate with audiences.

Ben’s pioneering work on our signature Emotional Mapping design technique is a prime example. Emotional Mapping is a multi-dimensional communication method of the visitor experience within the built environment, where deeper understanding and personal connections are made. Additionally, it allows the broader team to quantify the emotional investment in the client’s story.​

Areas of Expertise
Creative Direction
Emotional Mapping
Exhibit Design

Hanover College