Solid Light supports AAAM 2020 Virtual Conference

Solid Light’s Owner/President Cynthia Torp has a long history in the bourbon world and as a co-founder of Bourbon Women, reached out to Heather Wibbels, a fellow board member to help craft this signature cocktail for AAAM when the opportunity came along.

After sponsoring and attending the conference for the last several years and being so personally moved by many of the outstanding sessions, Torp wanted to be sure to support this year’s conference; especially during such a critical time in our nation’s conversation about race and social justice. With the Nearest legacy being forgotten to the history of distilling for so long, the time to remember and to celebrate with fellow museum-minded colleagues is now.

This cocktail featuring Uncle Nearest focuses on the flavors and richness of the whiskey—pulling out some of the fruit and savory notes that run through this delicious whiskey. It was designed with the Nearest Distillery’s 1856 expression in mind—bold at 100 proof, it is delicious as a sipping whiskey in its own right. But in a cocktail, the drink recipe pulls out the apricot notes at the first sniff and then a bit of pepper and spice, finishing with a savory note. A cocktail that evokes a memory that you may not have put words to yet.

Legacy and Remembrance

1.5 ounces Uncle Nearest 1856 100 proof

½ oz apricot liqueur (Giffard’s Abricot de Roussillon suggested)

½ oz Amaro Nonino

3 dashes cherry bark vanilla bitters

1 sage leaf

Garnish: sage leaf and dried apricot

Rub the inside of a coupe or martini glass with a sage leaf until fragrant and place the glass in the freezer. Combine Uncle Nearest whiskey, apricot liqueur, Amaro Nonino and bitters in a mixing glass and add ice. Stir until well-chilled. Strain into the chilled coupe glass and garnish with a dried apricot and sage leaf. Sip and reflect.