Solid Light Designs One-of-a-Kind Agricultural Exhibit in Union City

UNION CITY, Tn., (Dec. 9, 2020) ̶ Discovery Park of America brought new experience “AgriCulture: Innovating for Our Survival” to the public early December 2020. Visitors attending the one-of-a-kind experience will view and listen to the stories of farming innovation in the past, present and the future in an engaging and stimulating way. Challenging the narrative of sustainability and how food, fuel and fiber are received from the farm and the process it follows throughout society, the exhibit features the global and local impact of agriculture.

Visitors will be inspired and transformed by the experience, learning firsthand about modern farming. Designed and fabricated by Solid Light, a full-service team of experts in design, multimedia, and fabrication who create visitor experiences, the mind-blowing farming exhibit tackles the issue of agriculture misinformation and separates fact from fiction. Using large, bold imagery in the 8,900-square-foot facility located in the Simmons Bank Ag Center provides a modernized guest experience on technology, science and genetic innovation and the role agriculture plays in our everyday lives. 

“Our commitment to creating a more inclusive and authentic connection true to the nature of the story of the exhibit is fundamental in transforming the visitor experience,” said Cynthia Torp, Solid Light owner/president. “We want to move our audience by capturing stories from real, diverse people for the audience to connect with and be inspired by. Currently living in rural Indiana, I know the significant role of agriculture and how it impacts our communities. This opportunity to present the story of agriculture from the beginning to end will leave a lasting impression with the visitor.”

The exhibit takes the visitor through the various phases of farming with a focus on specific agricultural innovations and farming artifacts by comparing antiquated farming techniques and new technological innovations over time. Interactive designs, state-of-the-art media and visually appealing agricultural graphics are displayed throughout the exhibit to effortlessly explain the evolution of the complex system of agriculture. Staying current on modern trends, the space uses impetus messaging to engage visitors and integrates elements like drones and smart tools such as the Case IH tractor into the design for a fresh level of elevation and technology. 

“The mission of our museum and heritage park is to inspire children and adults to see beyond,” said Scott Williams, president and CEO of Discovery Park. “Those who have had a sneak peek at the nearly finished exhibit along with those of who got to work on it have certainly been inspired to see farming in a whole new way.”

Discovery Park of America “Faces of Farming” gallery highlights farmers of today and features more than 200 portraits of diverse farmers and challenges stereotypes by making the connection more relevant and personal with their audience. Additional design elements include a multimedia innovation stage named “The Nutrien Innovation”, which includes a space for small classes and speakers, and a display with a live social media feed. Visitors will also experience a live beehive and learn how to cultivate their own product and produce. 

About Solid Light

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