Solid Light Designs New Branded Environment for Wieland’s North American Headquarters

LOUISVILLE (Feb. 8, 2021) German-based company, Wieland, a Global Leader of copper and copper alloy products, established its North American headquarters in Louisville, KY. Solid Light was selected to design a Wieland branded environment for the new corporate office incorporating four sectors of manufacturing, markets, products and sustainability. 

Fabricated by Solid Light, a full-service team of experts in design, multimedia, and fabrication who create one-of-a-kind visitor experiences, designed the experiential graphics and storytelling of the space. With coordination from Olympia Designs and Design Studios, who were the lead designers for the overall space, Solid Light created the space to emphasize Wieland’s core values and displays products developed by the company. To highlight their position in the market and their commitment to sustainability, Solid Light integrated brand elements from both the North American and global headquarters.  

“Our commitment to creating a space that reflects the company’s culture and brand values was significant for our team,” said Cynthia Torp, Solid Light owner/president. “Our focus on bringing their past and present to life by telling their story and accentuating their position within their industry was fundamentally expressed in every part of their space.” 

The modern space includes small and large-scale graphics to provide varying levels of engagement. Upon entry, visitors and staff are greeted with a series of stations that integrate the Wieland family history, company core values, product samples and manufacturing processes. An interactive touch-screen display shows numerous video overviews of various manufacturing operations, technologies and end products.

Wieland North America CFO Matt Bedingfield expressed, “It’s evident that our 200-year heritage, the pride we take in our products, and our focus on sustainability are important to us. We wanted to make sure these key concepts came through in our design. Additionally, we wanted to create a functional, innovative and welcoming work environment where our employees will thrive. On top of varied meeting and conference rooms, we have incorporated comfortable open spaces for our team to connect and collaborate. A ping-pong table sits in our café to encourage healthy breaks, camaraderie – and maybe a little friendly competition. We occupy the entire floor, which allows social distancing today and, once we have put the pandemic behind us, provides us with space to expand as we continue to invest and grow. We are excited to be in Louisville and look forward to continuing to expand our story and footprint here over the coming years.” 

Additional design elements include a digital media wall that projects an evolving corporate timeline. Large typography graphics act as a backdrop to the staff lounge and conference rooms. A living green wall with pin-mounted core messaging adorns a wall in the cafe, and another graphic wall holds panels that showcase the company’s historical development.

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