Magic City Memories with AAAM

Solid Light was proud to be one of the Association of African American Museums 2022 Conference Sponsors. Learn more about this year’s conference from Executive Director of Client Development Mark Sargent below.  

It was wonderful to (re)connect in-person after two years of virtual only options and enjoy all that Miami had to offer! The mixture of late summer sun, bright blue water, diverse culture, and weekdays posing as weekends nightlife felt good to the soul if I’m being honest.

“Renewal, Revival, Remembrance” was this year’s theme; it was both apropos for the state of our industry overall and uniquely aligned to the vital work that Black museums have done, are doing, and will continue to do. It was impressive how well the theme was thoroughly leveraged throughout our time together. In fact, there was no time lost in hitting on all three right aspects from the get-go; the programming for the kick-off event set the tone  when the AAAM staff, Board of Directors, and local arrangements committee included the prominent display of renewed team spirit in the form of baseball themed team jersey swag, utilized a DJ to set an energetic and confident atmosphere that revived all of us, and finished the mic time by guiding us all through a short but sincere time of remembering the founders, friends, and colleagues that were no longer with us. It was done with excellence, and as someone that has the privilege to attend a lot of different types of meetings across several industries that we serve, I feel it set a new bar. And it was just two hours into the conference. 

I want to take a moment to join in the accolades given by others by congratulating the organization in growing membership and reaching new records for fundraising during the very trying times of the COVID-9 pandemic, no small feat to be sure. The persistent and passionate people that do the work at, for, and with AAAM reflect the same tenacity and thoughtful leadership of those working in our chosen field. It was a pleasure to be there with you, listen to your wisdom, and learn together.

At Solid Light, we believe in the power of museums to build community, facilitate conversation, and create connections between the past and current day. We were founded over 23 years ago on the premise that people share a deep desire to engage with great stories.  Our in-house design, fabrication, film, and digital experts have transformed audiences’ understanding and passion for museums, branded environments, educational institutions, and public spaces by telling those stories in unforgettable, engaging ways.

We’re proud to be a longstanding sponsor of the Association of African American Museums and look forward to 2023 in Nashville!