2019 Conference Schedule

Solid Light proudly supports many associations and organizations. Through sponsorship and thought leadership, we enjoy connecting with professionals from around the world. Here’s where you can find us this year.

Association of African American Museums | August 6-10 (Jackson, MS)

Our team will attend sessions and events at this year’s conference in the City of Soul, Jackson, Mississippi. Contact our Director of Client Development, Mark Sargent if you’d like to learn more about recent projects, such as the American Civil War Museum, or how Solid Light can help your museum design and build a destination that connects people with stories and each other.

Association of Midwest Museums | October 2-5 (Grand Rapids, MI)

Solid Light is sponsoring the Keynote Session featuring museum visionary Nina Simon. Visit us at Booth 206 in the Ambassador Ballroom and enjoy a photo op with Nina in the adjoining space, Booth 207.

Owner/President Cynthia Torp and Executive Creative Director John Murphy will lead a session on Digital Prototyping. In this mini-workshop, presenters will share case studies featuring media prototypes at various stages and will provide opportunities for participants to create and test media ideas. Prototyping media elements allows for experimentation with design ideas, can confirm practicality, and allows for tweaks. Discover low-budget tips and tricks for prototyping media—from simple to more complex—in this hands-on session. 

Past conferences include:

American Craft Spirits Association Convention | February 10-12 (Minneapolis, MN)

Owner/President Cynthia Torp and Director of Client Development Mark Sargent met with industry leaders at this year’s convention—Spirits on Ice.

Building Museums Symposium | February 27-March 1 (New York, NY)

Owner/President Cynthia Torp co-presented a session: “The New American Civil War Museum: Overcoming Obstacles and Reshaping Narratives to Connect with Contemporary Audiences”, which offered a behind-the-scenes look at the museum and the journey of its development.

American Alliance of Museums | May 19-22 (New Orleans, LA)

Solid Light was the Exhibit Development & Design Track Sponsor.

Owner/President Cynthia Torp joined panelists for the session: “Designers Deconstruct Success” to examine recent notable and award-winning exhibition projects and the problems and processes all exhibition creators face.

Content Developer Tricia O’Connor joined panelists for the session: “Creative Ways to Solve Problems in Experience Planning”, which explored methods for effectively and efficiently addressing “sticky points” in experience planning while supporting and motivating internal and external stakeholders.

Kentucky Museum & Heritage Alliance Annual Conference | June 9-11 (Richmond, KY)

Solid Light is the Lead Sponsor. Owner/President Cynthia Torp presented “Designing Museums to Reshape Narratives for Modern Audiences”—a session about re-imagining the approach to exhibit design so it is more relevant to contemporary attitudes and presents a more complete, accurate portrait of its subject (a timely topic for many historical museums and spaces). Cynthia also participated in a panel discussion “A House Divided”, which tackles the topic of re-framing Civil War artifacts, monuments, and history.